Thursday, 2 October 2014

Tokyo Love Soap From Natta Cosme

This evening I have received my parcel from nattacosme ! I have discovered this online shop from Jane (My bestie) and she said, this website served a very good service. I've bought Tokyo Love Soap (Pure Girl). Before purchasing this soap, I googled about it. Nahhhh hebat betul ! If y'all dont believe me , just google it yourself. 
Omomomomo I also got freebie ( a box of sample of Skin&Lab ). Cant wait to try all these products. Harap-harap menjadi jowh! *finger cross* 

Till we meet again. Leave your comment, pretty


  1. I love Natta Cosme too! Harga mmg murah and product yang susah nak ceri dekat kedai semua ada dekat situ.
    Btw followed your new blog, hope to get keeping in touch.
    Lets be friend shall we, Facebook Mira
    Add tauu.. tambah kenalan :)

  2. Hai Ms. Cikcit! Thanks for visiting my 'fresh' blog. I need more advice from you to make it more livelier. Hahaha. Betul ! Natta cosme is like heavennnn. Ahhh *falling down*

    Already add you on facebook. Kindly please approve me. Hope we'll stay in touch.